Utilizing Inexpensive Technology for your Home Security
Are you a tech junkie, looking to use your gadgets in any way possible? Maybe you’re trying to get more use out of your wifi signal… who knows? At any rate, we’ve compiled a list of great low-cost to no-cost options to get a little more “techy” with your home security. Presence Presence re-imagines your spare iOS and Android devices as free Wi-Fi security cameras! It easily expands with add-on products to secure and control your home from anywhere in the world. Worried about what your dog is chewing on while you’re at work, or whether your home is secure while you’re on vacation? Just download the award-winning Presence app on a spare smartphone or tablet to turn it into a security camera with …
Westinghouse Nucli, The World’s Smartest Deadbolt
Is your deadbolt too dumb?  Is the only way to open it with a key?  Come on, those have been around since the Roman Empire right?  It’s time to let your locks start interacting with your smartphone.  That’s right… Lock, unlock from your phone.  So, you forgot to lock the door and you’re at the Gym?  No problem!  Just open up the app, lock your door, and know that the house is safe.   The app also lets your communicate via video, to see who’s at the door, and also captures voice messages, in case you miss them while they’re standing in front. Right now, the only way to get one of these is to help fund it on