Should I get a Security Camera?

security-camera-houseIf you do a bit of research on Home Security, you’ll find that even local locksmiths like this Locksmith Eugene Oregon are recommending security cameras these days. But what order should you be protecting your home in?  Let’s say that you wanted to go fully into protecting your home, what should you do first?

First things first: prevent the intruders from getting into your home in the first place.  Wouldn’t you rather not have someone break into your house than to record them doing so?  By upgrading your doors to high security locks, and even putting in kick plating to make the doors themselves stronger, you’ll potentially end up foiling a would-be burglar before they even get inside.  If you just have a security camera inside with low quality locks and doors, the odds are you’ll be turning in a video of a burglar, rather than enjoying your evening at home.

Secondly, after you get your doors secure, you should then focus on the next step: getting a security system.  According to this new site, many people are upgrading their security systems, including security cameras.  The news site interviewed a local security company and they said that their sales are up as much as 20% year over year.  That’s a substantial increase, and it’s based on the flurry of robberies that are happening lately.

While the second step is to get a security system installed, don’t do this part yourself.  Have a professional come out and do this for you.  This is crucial as most DIY kits don’t have the embedded level of security that a professional kit does.  If you want to do the security camera yourself, that’s completely fine, as something like the new Nest Camera is easy enough to install, and if a thief takes it, their image is already uploaded to the internet.  The Nest camera is currently priced at around $200.

In summary, yes, you should get a security camera.  However, make sure that other things are protected first.  First the doors, then the alarm, then the camera.  In that order.

CNN’s Home Security Camera Guide:

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